Quakelight™ is a Microsoft Silverlight™ port of the famous game Quake™ from id Software.
You can now play the game straight from any compatible web browser.


Online Demonstration (Silverlight 3)



Quakelight GPL source code
295 KB
This is the full C#/Silverlight GPL source code for Quakelight.
Quake 1.06 shareware
8,67 MB
This is the shareware version of Quake from id Software, as used in the Quakelight demos.
Quake GPL source code
3,06 MB
This is the full C source code for Quake from id Software, as used to create Quakelight.


Quakelight Preview
 Adam Kinney (Microsoft)
Nice shots of Quakelight in action.
Quakelight Preview
 Adam Kinney (Microsoft)
Quake in Silverlight
(with texture mapping)

 Julien Frelat (InnoveWare)